Find the best local and international talents

Our recruitment experts do more than just source, qualify, and present candidates. They ensure that our candidates align with your company's DNA
Anywr Canada | Recruitment

A tried-and-true recruitment approach.

We recruit for you as we would for ourselves

  • Analyzing and understanding your needs
  • Implementing a sourcing strategy
  • Approaching, qualifying, and presenting the best profiles
  • Presenting and negotiating offers
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An international presence and a local expertise

Recruit top talents regardless of their location

  • +150 recruiters across 17 countries

  • Industry-expert recruiters

  • In-depth market knowledge and understanding of key players

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Quality-driven approach above all else

Our aim isn't to overwhelm you with numerous profiles. Our goal is to save you time by presenting only the candidates who truly match your requirements

  • Establishing selection criteria with you

  • Qualifying candidates according to your requirements

  • Validating the alignment between client DNA and candidate

  • Presenting only candidates who meet all criteria

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Our services in detail

La découverte
  • Understanding your company
  • Discovering the hiring management team
  • Understanding the challenges of this recruitment
Qualifying the need and targeting it
Qualifying the need and targeting it
  • Reviewing the role requirements with you
  • Defining the desired profile requirements
  • Creating a persona
  • Implementing a scorecard
  • Implementing the sourcing strategy
  • Multichannel direct approach
  • Broadcasting the offer within the Anywr ecosystem
  • Convincing the best talents
Profile validation
Profile validation
  • Validating the company/candidate fit
  • Testing the required skills
Submit and organize
Submit and organize
  • Sending qualification reports and CVs
  • Obtaining your validation
  • Organizing interviews with your teams
  • Reference check
  • Criminal background check (optional)
  • Offer presentation and negotiation with the candidate

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